Things You Probably Don't Know About Bail And Bail Bonds

Being in jail is not fun. It can even be dangerous in many cases. For some, it's difficult to imagine how such a thing could have happened and you may even be in a state of shock. Getting out of jail should be your priority so read on to learn more.

Bail May or May Not be Possible

It's not the news you want to hear but not everyone can be released from jail on bail. If you have a criminal record or you are accused of a felony crime, you may find yourself remaining in jail until your court date. However, you can get an attorney and ask for a bail hearing so your lawyer can argue for your release on bail

Bail and Bail Bonds are Different

This presents one of the more confusing aspects of an arrest and being put in jail. Bail is money you pay to the court (or jail, in some cases). Bail also usually includes rules or conditions that must be followed by the defendant. For example, you must appear for all court meetings once you are out on bail.

Bail bonds are a slightly different sort of release situation. With bail, the sum owed can be very high. However, a bail bond costs less because you will be paying only a small percentage of the full bail price to get out of jail. Bail bonds are offered by third-party agencies and are easy to work with. Ask a family member to phone a bail bond agency to arrange for your bail bond and save money. That money may be needed later to pay for legal costs.

Understand the Conditions

Not following the rules could get your bail revoked and that means you can end up back in jail again. In many cases, bail conditions depend on the nature of the charges. For example, if a victim is involved, you may need to stay away from them. If drugs or alcohol are involved, you might be required to provide random testing results. Other common bail conditions to expect include:

  • Not carrying weapons.
  • Avoid being arrested.
  • Maintaining contact with a court official or your bail agent.
  • Not leaving the state (or country).

Speak to a Bail Agent

Once you know about your bail, have a loved one arrange for your bail by using a bail bonding agency. After they find out the cost of your bail and charges, your loved one can arrange to have you released. 

For more information, contact a local bail bonds company.