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What You Should Know About Getting A VA Loan

If you have served in the military, then you might be eligible for a Veterans Affairs loan. This loan, also called a VA loan, provides flexible eligibility and the option to buy a home when other lenders might deny you. Here are some different things to know about VA loans. Most Military Members Qualify for […]

Questions And Answers About Payday Loans

Payday loans are great alternatives to paying late fees or ruining your credit because of a delinquent financial obligation. Still, if you are going through a financial hardship, you may not have a good understanding of payday loans and how they can help you. Here are a few questions and answers about payday loans: What […]

Refinancing With A VA Mortgage To Withdraw Home Equity

A common perception of VA mortgages is that they are intended solely for the initial purchase of a home. However, the VA program also guarantees other loan uses. Eligible veterans can refinance most existing loans with a new mortgage from the Department of Veterans Affairs, withdrawing their home equity in the process. The existing mortgage […]