Debunking Common Myths About Bail Bondsmen

A bail bondsman holds your hand in your time of need. When you or a person close to you has been arrested, a bondsman will finance your bail, complete the required paperwork, and handle all related legal matters so you can leave jail as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, most movies and television shows have often portrayed bondsmen as 'the bad guys,' leading to the spread of various myths. This post separates fact from fiction by demystifying four common myths about bail bondsmen. 

Myth 1: Bail Bondsmen Are Unprofessional

The belief that bail bondsmen are unprofessional is outright false. Before anyone can serve as a bail bondsman, they have to undergo intensive background testing and training. After that, they have to acquire a state-issued license. You can expect professionalism and integrity every time you work with them. 

What many people don't realize is that bondsmen are a crucial part of the justice system. The way you need a lawyer to represent you in court is the same way you need a bondsman to post your bail bond. Their priority is to offer you help right when you need it. 

Myth 2: If You Can't Pay Cash, You're Finished

Most people are afraid to call bondsmen if they don't have ready cash to pay. Some even think they have to pay the total bail amount to the bail bondsman. In reality, that's not the case. 

When you work with a bondsman, you only need to pay them a small fee (usually 8%-10%) of the total bail amount. The bondsman will then post your bail and secure your release. Again, they have a range of payment options, including cash, checks, and wire transfers, among others! 

Myth 3: Bail Bondsmen Usually Charge Additional Unexpected Fees

A bondsman won't charge you any additional or unexpected fees. Once you have paid the small fee, you're good to go. 

If the bail amount is high, you may be required to produce some collateral before the bail bondsman posts bail. This can be in the form of home, land, vehicle, or jewelry, among other things. If you attend all court hearings and there are no issues like bond reinstatements or forfeitures, you'll get your collateral back, and there will be no additional fees charged. 

Myth 4: Bail Bondsmen Only Postpone Jail Time

Some people think bondsmen only push jail terms to a later date. But even if you get a bail bond now and are found guilty later, you can use the little time spent out of jail to get your things in order. If you own a business, you can organize how it continues to run to benefit your loved ones. 

Besides, it's difficult to determine the outcome of a case before it's even heard. Use the money saved by hiring a bondsman to organize a good defense team to improve your case outcomes.