Do You Need A Lawyer When Trying To Get Bailed Out Of Jail?

Being stuck in a small holding cell at your local county jail is probably not where you thought you would be, but this is what happens when a person gets arrested. After a person gets arrested, this person might have the option of getting released prior to going to court and settling the criminal charges he or she faces, but to do this, a person would need to pay bail.

When a person is locked up behind bars and wants a way out, should he or she call a criminal lawyer? The answer depends on several things, and here are several things that you should know if you are ever in this position.

Find Out the Bail Amount

One of the first things a person should do after the arrest is to find out more about the crime and the bail. The bail is an amount of money the arrested individual must pay for the jail to set him or her free. This amount varies and can be as low as just a couple hundred dollars. It can also be really high, too, such as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Courts are responsible for determining how much a person should have to pay for their bail, and the person who is locked up cannot do much about the amount.

Determine if You Have a Way Out

If you are in jail and need a way out, finding out the bail amount will help you determine if you can get out or not. Do you have enough cash in your bank account to pay it? If not, do you have friends or family members that would be willing to loan it to you? If not, you can always talk to a bail bond company. They are in the business of bailing people out and charge just a small fee for the service.

Talk to a Lawyer for Answers, Advice, and Assistance

No matter which route you take at this point, talking to a criminal lawyer is always a good idea. A lawyer can help you find a way out of jail and can help you fight your charges. A lawyer can give you advice about how to handle the charges and can help you prepare a defense strategy. You should not face criminal charges on your own, even if you can find a way out of jail without the help of a lawyer.

You do not have to hire a criminal lawyer at this point, but it helps. You can learn more about the bail process by calling a bail bond agent in the city where you live.