Three Different Ways That Bail Can Be Set

Following an arrest, bail is usually set. Once bail is set, a bail bonds company can help you post bail for a loved one, allowing them to get out of jail until their criminal case is resolved. If you have a loved one who was arrested, you may be wondering how bail is set. Bail can be set in different ways, depending on the city or county your loved one was arrested. Here are three different ways that bail can be set. 

Using a Bail Schedule 

More and more cities and counties are setting bail using a bail schedule. A bail schedule basically lists how much bail should be set based on the crime that is committed. The amount that the schedule sets bail at can increase if someone has past criminal convictions. A bail schedule is one of the more fair ways to ensure that individuals charged with a crime all have bail set at the same amount. It is also fast and easy. 

By a Magistrate or Judge During the Intake Process

Another way that bail may be set is by a magistrate or judge during the intake process. A magistrate or judge may sit down with the individual charged with a crime or may review the details of the arrest in private. From there, they will consider the details of the crime, the severity of the crime, and the criminal history of the arrested individual. They will take that into consideration and set bail based on those factors. 

By a Judge at Bail Hearing

The final way that bail can be set is by a judge at a bail hearing. If an individual is denied bail, or if they feel that bail has been set too high, their criminal defense attorney or public defender can request a bail hearing. At a bail hearing, the criminal defense attorney can argue why they feel bail should be set or should be lowered, while the prosecutor can argue why bail should be denied or not lowered. At the end of the hearing, the judge will issue an order regarding whether bail will be set and at what amount. 

Bail can be set using a bail schedule, by a magistrate or judge during the intake process, or by a judge at a bail hearing. A bail bonds company cannot help you get bail set or get bail reduced. They can only help you post bail on behalf of a loved one.

Reach out to a bail bonds company to learn more about the process.